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Remote Monitoring Services
REACT Monitoring Technology


Gone are the days of security camera systems being a reacitve tool that accomplishes little more than showing you after the fact of what happened on your property.  Utilizing today's advanced technologies, and combining that with our proactive approach towards our industry, we have a way that your security camera system can become an extremely powerful device which significantly increases the level of security protection for you and your business.


Once programmed accordingly, your system that we install will now automatically seek out areas of motion, and immediately send video notification to our 24-hour Command Center alerting our professional staff of activity on your premises.  Our trained personnel then promptly verify what activity is occuring, and act accordingly - whether dispatching local authorities, contacting you or a designated individual, or simply monitoring the situation, if it is merely an employee arriving on-site.  We can customize each location with various parameters according to your needs.  And, we can design your security camera system to work in conjunction to your alarm and access control systems.  The possiblities here are practically endless.  Imagine not having to issue out keys or keycards to persons who only come once or twice to your business after hours!  Instead, we can grant access remotely to the individual, then monitor that person while they perform the necessary duties, and secure the premises and re-arm your alarm system after they depart.  


Our innovative approach to our business can completely transform the way that you do business as well!  

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Remote Camera Monitoring Services
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