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security cameras

Security Camera Systems

Whether you need a small four-camera system, or a fully integrated multiple DVR command center in place, Aquila Security Systems can professionally handle your needs.  All of our products are extremely scalable, and we only sell state-of-the-art equipment, regardless of how large or small your needs are.  


We fully vet each product that we offer, and will never push anything more than you need to effectively protect your location.  In addition, we provide a no-cost site evaluation, and work to completely understand the specific challenges, desires, and necessities that you have before offering you our suggestions.

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Motion-Tracking Security Cameras

We believe that the future of security camera systems involves the remote monitoring of each system.  At Aquila Security Systems, we have the advanced capabilities to receive live vidoe feed into our 24-hour Command Center, where we are able to verify motion, monitor customer or employee activity and help ensure the safety and security of your property.  Additionally, our systems can only trigger when programmed, thus allowing the need for continual monitoring significantly lessened.  This becomes an extremely powerful technology, while maintaining a minimal security budget.

Security Command Center
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